What the Job of a General Contractor?

Three Primary Roles Of A General Contractor

There are many roles a general contractor plays. Today we will be talking about the three main roles you should concern yourself with most.

1.) A general contractor is responsible for ordering the supplies necessary for a job. The person is also responsible for hiring the people necessary to get the job completed. Anything that fall short, sometimes causing a delay, can be placed on the shoulder of the contractor.

That is why whoever fills the role has to make sure everything and everyone is there to get the job done.

2.) The general contractor is responsible for hiring all the sub-contractors. Those sub-contractors answer to the general contractor.

Say, for example, there is an issue with one of the hires. The person is not living up the expectation of the staff and the project, It is the sole responsibility of the general contractor to take care of, whether that means restaffing, firing the person, or retraining the person.

Sometimes restaffing becomes necessary. That also means that the general contractor is responsible for finding the right person to take their place.

3.) The general contractor is responsible for the building permits and all licensing. They have to get the right permits, or lack of the right permits can cause a delay or cancellation of a project.

The general contractor has to ensure a safe site for all those involved in the project, from the design to the office work and building. Any concerns regarding the safety of the site are to be directed to the asheville general contractors.

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