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Scroggs Construction Company is a father son construction business. They build custom homes, and also can remodel existing homes. Through the years, their business expertise, and construction craftsmanship, have shone through. There is an award that is given out to construction companies, who have proven themselves to be experts in the field. The award is called the PACE award. It is handed out by local housing authorities, who have judged the construction work. They always try to give the client the perfect outcome they seek.

Before construction on a new home begins, in depth meetings take place between the client and the company. Questions such as what kind of house do you want? What kind of bathrooms, or kitchens do you want? How do you want to set up these rooms, so that they function the way you want? How about a front porch? What about the size and function of the garage? What style roof should be constructed? Only after every detail has been thoroughly discussed, and agreed upon, will the beginning construction of the house begin. They work with you every step of the way from start to finish. At Scroggs Construction they truly aim to please every aspect of the clients home needs.

Scroggs Construction is a design-build construction company. This means that one is getting everything they need, from design to construction of the house. All the services are under one roof. This leads to a better experience overall. The construction does not take as long. It can lead to everything costing less. It is simply a more efficient way of making a custom built home.

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3 Reasons to Hire a Design Build Firm for Your Remodeling Projects

Why Hire A Design-Build Firm? We Tell You Below

Sometimes you do not have the time and energy to put together the project yourself. You also run the risk of not getting it finished properly. Sometimes your vision translates well to the remodeling project, and sometimes it does not.

Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring a design firm for your next project.

1) Time Is Money

“Yohan, time is money!”

Madonna, on the set of Hung Up video

Most small business owners do not have the time or resources to spend hours trying to remodel a project to completion. That is just one of the many reasons why you should consider using a design build firm.

Most firms have multiple teams on standby, ready to be deployed based on the size of the project. The teams are trained to handle specific responses with the necessary tools needed. Most business owners do not have the scope or capabilities to do that.

2) Uniqueness

Sometimes you wind up copying something someone has done. Not to say that is your fault. The issue is that most small business owners do not have the resource to keep up with the competition. They are just trying to keep their business going.

A design firm has its hands on the pulse of the what is trending. A design firm can take any project (even if it is somewhat similar) and make it stand out for your company.

3) Results-Oriented

You will definitely get the results you want and deserve. Sometimes the issue is that we have it right in our heads, but it does not translate to the final vision. A design firm will make sure it does.

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What the Job of a General Contractor?

Three Primary Roles Of A General Contractor

There are many roles a general contractor plays. Today we will be talking about the three main roles you should concern yourself with most.

1.) A general contractor is responsible for ordering the supplies necessary for a job. The person is also responsible for hiring the people necessary to get the job completed. Anything that fall short, sometimes causing a delay, can be placed on the shoulder of the contractor.

That is why whoever fills the role has to make sure everything and everyone is there to get the job done.

2.) The general contractor is responsible for hiring all the sub-contractors. Those sub-contractors answer to the general contractor.

Say, for example, there is an issue with one of the hires. The person is not living up the expectation of the staff and the project, It is the sole responsibility of the general contractor to take care of, whether that means restaffing, firing the person, or retraining the person.

Sometimes restaffing becomes necessary. That also means that the general contractor is responsible for finding the right person to take their place.

3.) The general contractor is responsible for the building permits and all licensing. They have to get the right permits, or lack of the right permits can cause a delay or cancellation of a project.

The general contractor has to ensure a safe site for all those involved in the project, from the design to the office work and building. Any concerns regarding the safety of the site are to be directed to the asheville general contractors.

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